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Reducing Opex

Apollo Solar’s Telecom System is designed to reduce operating expenses for remote telecommunications installations.

How Apollo Solar Telecom Systems Reduce Opex

  • Harness the lower cost of solar relative to diesel
  • Fewer service calls
  • Fewer site visits with remote monitoring of all functions
  • Faster installations: turnkey installation, standard sizes
  • Factory assembled and tested system backed by a 5 year warranty (extensions available)
  • Lower PV Module Costs: higher energy harvest from fewer modules

Why a hybrid or pure solar system is the best investment.

Three factors make a solar or solar/diesel hybrid system the optimal investment:

Diesel OPEX keeps going up

Solar CAPEX has come down

Solar Hybrid Systems now offer fast ROI

Cost of energy: related to the cost of diesel fuel.

Energy System Costs Diesel and Solar Hybrid

And the cost of diesel fuel rises with the cost of crude oil.

Price of Crude Oil and Diesel

In late Sept, 2018, the price of Crude Oil was $80/bbl. The base price of Diesel Fuel in the US was $0.68/liter.

Source: Transportation Business Associates.

Apollo Solar Hybrid Power System

Internal Rectifier for Hybrid Solar, Diesel, and AC Input, with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) for grid or generator AC input.