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About Apollo Solar

Apollo Solar provides the residential, commercial, and remote telecom Photovoltaic (PV) markets with innovative, technologically superior electronics that have served industrial clients for decades.

The sole focus of Apollo Solar is to increase performance and enhance reliability of PV systems, reducing the upfront and life-of-system cost of residential, commercial, and remote telecom PV installations.

Hallmarks of Apollo Solar Products

Apollo Solar brings innovative power management capabilities that increase the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of photovoltaic power systems through its full line of inverters, charge controllers, and monitoring modules for PV power management systems.

  • Designed for fast, fail-safe installation
  • Feature exclusive built-in energy-performance meters
  • Incorporate Internet-based remote data-monitoring and upgrade capabilities
  • Reflect robust thermal design and optimal solar energy harvest

Our Experience: Breadth & Depth

Power management projects have been completed for

  • Telecommunications companies
  • NASA
  • Branches of the United States Military
  • The US Department of Energy
  • Fortune 500 companies: IBM, General Electric, Duracell, Siemens, DuPont, and others

Our Team

John Pfeifer, CEO of Apollo Solar, headquartered in Bethel, Connecticut.

Esther Mwangi

Esther Mwangi, Regional Sales Director – Africa, Nairobi, Kenya.

Our History: 40 Years of Exceeding Expectations

Apollo Solar is a spin-off of Electronic Design Lab (EDL), a Connecticut company with extensive experience in the design of industrial strength electronics. We have 40 years of experience in meeting detailed technical requirements and in exceeding customers expectations regarding ease of doing business.

Apollo Solar Headquarters

Apollo Solar Features

Pure Solar Cabinet

Optimal Solar Energy Harvest

Apollo Solar’s products reflect robust thermal design, ensuring optimal solar energy harvest

Built-in Energy Performance Meters

Continuous, reliable tracking of performance.

Remote Data Monitoring

Internet-based remote data monitoring offers the ability to track performance and reliability.

Fast, Fail-safe Installation

Installed in remote locations, Apollo Solar products are designed for fast, secure installations.