The T80HV is the most cost-effective Charge Controller for battery-based PV systems. Designed to work with new higher voltage PV modules, the T80HV offers improved battery life, full capacity, and 98 to 99% efficiency. With an integrated battery energy monitor, communications and Maximum Power Point Tracking, you get power and control in a single device.

More Power, Greater Efficiency Means Lower Total Cost of PV Systems

The T80HV TurboChager captures up to 35% more power from the PV array using Apollo Solar’s algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). The result is a dramatic reduction in the cost of a PV system by reducing the number of PV panels required, eliminating the need for heavy gauge wiring, and increasing the life of the batteries.

Precision charging of 12/24/36/48V batteries using voltage sense wires

Improved Battery Life and Full Capacity – 98% to 99% efficient

High-efficiency circuits and robust thermal design – minimize heat generation.

Best MPPT Energy Harvest – the Apollo MPPT algorithm locks onto the peak power during rapidly changing insolation and temperature.

Power and Control in a Single Device – integrates Maximum Power Point Tracking, battery charge management, state-of-charge information, and communications.

Field proven since 2007.


  • Wire more PV modules in series to 180 Voc, 160 Vmp (200V abs max)
  • 80 Amps continuous output at up to 45oC (113oF) ambient temperature
  • 98% to 99% Efficiency all day
  • Precision charging of 12/24/36/48V batteries using voltage sense wires
  • One-minute set-up with fail-safe calculated defaults
  • Free Battery Energy Monitor Built In
  • Easy stacking of up to 16 T80HV’s in parallel for higher currents
  • Remote Monitoring with Optional Internet Gateway or Remote Display
Apollo Solar T80HV Charge Controller Battery Meeter
Built-in battery energy meter on the T80 Charge Controllers.

Detailed Specs

Detailed specifications and installation details for the Apollo Solar T80 and T80HV.