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Live Monitoring of Remote Power Sites

Get critical parameters on every site via the Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring System.

Maximum Knowledge, Minimal Downtime

Simply log in to:

  • See the status of vital operating conditions – every 10 seconds.
  • Monitor and handle alarm conditions
  • View data and KPI via charts and spreadhseet tables
  • Secure authorization for different levels of users.


Existing Client Installations:

Access your Remote Monitoring Dashboard.

Map View

Monitor all your sites simultaneously, from any PC/tablet. Pin color indicates alarm and site status. Select any site on the map and see every parameter in real time

Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring in Real Time - Map View

Site Status View

The Site Status page provides an overview of the operational status of each site in REAL TIME.

  • Irradiance Received and Potential Solar
  • Energy Available
  • PV Array Voltage, Current and Energy Received
  • Battery State of Charge, Voltage, and Energy Flow
  • Notification of Circuit Breaker and Contactor changes
  • Database of all components, specs and serial numbers
  • Temperatures of Charge Controllers and Battery
  • Load profile
  • Limits with Alarm on any parameter
  • Alarms on all Security Sensors
  • Log of all alarms
Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring in Real Time - Site View

Chart View

Chart controls allow you to choose three charts at a time for different dates and time frequencies, to better understand the performance of any site. The history of key variables are easily charted. Shown on the right:

  • Solar Energy Available
  • Battery Charging Current
  • Battery Voltage
Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring in Real Time - Chart View

Alarm View

Monitor Alarms, Minimize Downtime. The Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring System logs all alarms.

Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring in Real Time - Alarm View