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Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring Site

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Maximum Knowledge, Minimal Downtime

Get critical parameters on every site via the Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring System. Simply log in ...

  • See the status of vital operating conditions - every 10 seconds.
  • Monitor and handle alarm conditions
  • View data and KPI via charts and spreadhseet tables
  • Secure authorization for different levels of users.

Map View

Monitor all your sites simultaneously, from any PC/tablet. Pin color indicates alarm and site status.


 Site Status View

The Site Status page provides an overview of the operational status of each site in REAL TIME.

Monitor ALL parameters: PV array, charge controllers, load and batteries. Data recorded for each site includes:

  • Irradiance Received and Potential Solar
  • Energy Available
  • PV Array Voltage, Current and Energy Received
  • Battery State of Charge, Voltage, and Energy Flow
  • Notification of Circuit Breaker and Contactor changes
  • Database of all components, specs and serial numbers
  • Temperatures of Charge Controllers and Battery
  • Load profile
  • Limits with Alarm on any parameter
  • Alarms on all Security Sensors
  • Log of all alarms

Chart View

Chart controls allow you to choose three charts at a time for different dates and time frequencies, to better understand the performance of any site.

Alarm View

Monitor Alarms, Minimize Downtime

The Apollo Solar Remote Monitoring System logs all alarms.

The RMS System


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